Essential Applications for every Web Developer.

Essential Applications for every Web Developer.

All the applications that would be recommended in this post are based on my daily use of these applications. I would recommend applications in tree categories. 
Note Keeping Applications.

Browser Category
1. Brave This is one of my favourite browsers because it is built on the chromium engine and has all the goodies of privacy, and one of the craziest Ad-Blocker and still gives me speed when I need that boost in productivity. This is one of the most privacy-focused application I use daily and it has one of the coolest benefits; You get paid for viewing ads with the browser … Like that really cool.
2. Chrome: This list would not be anything close to complete without listing the engine behind google search and the most used browser. My love of chrome started when I was using my first chrome book. I love the fact that it was easy to use my laptop, fast boot time and the cool benefit of google sync which made it easy to switch from my Chromebook to my laptop without having to remember my password or even losing my extensions which you can check on a post on that.
3. Edge: I know right, why would the slow laggy edge browser be on my list. I was also wondering what benefit it would pose at first until I installed it and had the cool benefit of syncing my passwords and bookmarks from chrome and also it has so many cool features that I would love to discuss in detail in a special post for the browser. One of my cool features is it reader mode that helps you actually read cause it tweaks web pages to make it easy for you to focus and enjoy that Quora post or that medium post you are trying to read in between that relaxed moment or tiring one.

I think this list would be a bit shorter cause I only have two major free editors I use.

1. VS Code: This is my all-time best editor majorly because I am a windows guy(.Net Developer) and also it was my first editor after notepad++ which was a bit cool but not as much as VS Code. This editor packs the flexibility of instaling extensions for various things you would need the editor to do and also it has git integrated with it which makes your development process faster when you are working with a team or even on personal projects.
2. Atom: I also love this editor because of its UI design and also the cool extensions which can be installed with it. This is also a very cool editor and was created by our love guys at GitHub which with all understanding means it would have git installed.

Ok, the final category would just have one application because of it what I am even using to type this post. Which is
Google Keep Note: Yeah I know you must have already figured my reason for loving this application. It’s obvious that I love syncing stuff because I love to pick up things from any of my devices and still enjoy the benefit of the application. The keep app has always been my note-keeping app cause I enjoy the fact it supports markdown and also it has the benefit of converting my notes to google doc. and also has my beloved dark mode.

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